Why iPads?

It is the responsibility of Rock Hill Schools to prepare 21st century learners. That requires encouraging students to use social and networking technologies for educational purposes.

The district’s focus is not about the latest technology; it is about increasing student engagement! Our teachers need to be able to use technology tools that encourage and excite students to dig deeper into content objectives. While there are a number of technology tools that are popular with both teachers and students, our tool of choice is the iPad.

Why iPads?

  • Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to personalize and customize instruction through unlimited apps
  • Portability
  • Affordability (mid-range)
  • Ability for teachers to differentiate based on students’ needs
  • Ability to record audio and to shoot photos
  • Technical service (self-serve) from Apple
  • iBooks
  • Ability to take notes quickly
  • Full-day power
  • Easier to create and share content
  • Advances district’s efforts to go paperless
  • Advances district’s efforts to use digital textbooks/resources

Why not a netbook, laptop, or some other device?

Selecting a technology tool is somewhat like buying a soda. Think for a moment about the long debate about Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Both are amazingly popular, but at some point one has to make a choice or continue to be thirsty. The same can be said of technology tools. Other products may be equally as good, but the iPad has worked well in our pilot project at York Road Elementary and in classrooms throughout the district.
  Many school districts which allow students to bring their own device do not specify a choice, but we are encouraging our students to select the iPad for consistency. One can use a number of devices to get to the same point, but it is more efficient and effective when students have the same device. With limited resources and a struggle for teachers to provide resources, we can make progress faster with consistency.

Are parents required to purchase an iPad for their student?

No, parents are not required to purchase an iPad. However, the iPad will be used more and more for instructional purposes in classrooms throughout the district.

Student Testimonials

Why are iPads the preferred learning device for today’s students?  Check out Cortney  Campbell’s 4th grade classroom at Warrant T Jackson Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia!


Common Sense Kids from TINT Studios on Vimeo.