What is Challenge-Based Learning?

What is Challenge-Based Learning and how does it fit into iRock?

Challenge-Based Learning is the next step in designing more rigorous and engaging work for the students of Rock Hill Schools.

Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) is defined as engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems.   CBL begins with a “big idea” around which students develop essential questions.  These questions become a launching point for identifying challenges within the local, national, or international community.

As students research issues and develop solutions to the challenge, they document their progress.   In the end, the quality of the learning experience can be measured as much by the process as it can by the final product.

In 2012, a cohort of teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels will participate in extensive professional development around challenge-based learning.  The technology tool of choice to assist them in this training will be the iPad.  Every child in the classroom of a CBL cohort teacher will have access to an iPad.

Based upon the success of these cohorts, challenge-based learning should find its way into the professional development track for all teachers in Rock Hill Schools.  We simply want to develop best practices before undertaking such a large endeavor.

For more information on Challenge-Based Learning, see Things You Should Know About Challenge-Based Learning.