Teachers: FAQ About iRock

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What professional development opportunities will the district and schools provide in support of iRock?

The professional development needs of teachers and administrators related to iPad use varies from classroom to classroom, school to school.  Our goal is to differentiate training around the 5 Stages of Teacher Development.

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Throughout the months of August, September and October, a variety of online and traditional (face-to-face) training opportunities will enable teachers to quickly move through the Entry and Adoption stages of teacher development.   Traditional training opportunities will  target specific levels in the teacher development continuum (Entry or Adoption), while online opportunities will empower teachers to advance to the Adaptation stage and beyond.

The 2012 Student Engagement Conference, scheduled for October 26th at South Pointe High  School, is the target date to move all teachers and administrators through the entry and adoption stages.   In addition to concurrent sessions designed to reinforce skill sets and ensure mastery at these stages, this year’s conference with showcase best practices in the use of iPads to supplement, rethink, and systematically change curriculum and teaching.  This includes a much anticipated keynote and concurrent session led by Mr. Alan November, futurist and CEO of November Learning!

From October 26th through the end of the current school year, all district sponsored trainings (Common Core, Literacy and Math Guide training, Instructional Technology training, leadership events, etc.) will incorporate the iPad as an essential instructional tool in the design and delivery of quality student work, including ways to use one iPad, or a limited number of mobile devices, in the classroom.

2.  What are we talking about in terms of a time commitment?

For those familiar with the iPad and comfortable in the use of existing technologies, moving beyond the entry and adoption stages will occur very quickly.  For those less familiar or comfortable with existing technologies, the necessity of traditional (face-to-face) workshops may result in a greater commitment of time.

3.  Will all of the students in my class receive an iPad as well?

No.  Our goal for 2012-13 is to prepare teachers for learning environments where multiple mobile learning devices exist.  While the  long-term goal is a personal learning device in the hands of every child, it will take time to get there.  This first year will provide teachers and administrators with the time and training necessary to support such a learning environment.

4.  If I agree to invest in the time and training required to use the tool effectively, when will I get an iPad?

It is our goal to have iPads in the hands of teachers by the start of the school year.   Availability and funding issues could necessitate a later launch, but we do not anticipate delays at this time.

5.  What do I need to do to sign on?

Per the video, you need to send your principal an e-mail.   Include one word in the subject line…”iRock!”