Connecting your Promethean Board to your iPad

We get many requests when we are training asking us how to do certain things on our iPads. Here is where we will attempt to answer some of those questions.

How Do I Connect my iPad to my Promethean Board?

The simplest way to connect your iPad to your Promethean Board is using Apple’s VGA connector. We anticipate the district eventually buying each teacher a VGA adapter later this year. Simply plug in the VGA adapter to the VGA cable from your board, and it will show your iPad on the Promethean Board.

The advantage to this method of connection is simple: It will always work. Some of the methods shown lower will not work when the internet is down.

Another method that many teachers really like is using Apple’s Airplay feature to connect to your computer, then project that image onto the board. The application we recommend for this is called: Reflection App. It costs $15 dollars. For more details on this, see this document, courtesy of Chris Rashley and the RHHS Tech Committee.

Here is a video going into how to use Reflection:

How do I use my iPad as a slate for my Promethean Board?

We suggest trying one of two apps, either Doceri (free, with some limitations) or Splashtop ($5.99).

Here is a video explaining how to use both apps.